Effects Of Scars

Physical Complications1,2

Itching | Stiffness  | Contractures | Tenderness  | Pain

Psychological Effects1,2

Poor Self-esteem | Stigmatisation |
Disruption In Daily Activities | Depression | Anxiety






A silicone gel based formulation using CPX Technology to
soften and reduce the visibility of surgical scars. This
formulation is ideal for usage on hypertrophic scars and

How To Use Dermatix® Ultra?

Start treatment once the wound has closed

The Key To Optimal Scar Healing

is occlusion and hydration

Early Treatment With Dermatix® Ultra Gel Achieves Optimal Results4

  • Clinically proven
  • Non-oily, quick-drying formula
  • Easy to apply
  • Durability and wash-off resistance
  • Compatible with sunscreen and cosmetics
  • Reduced scar height in 2 to 6 months*3
  • 78.5% success rate in softening and diminishing hypertrophic and keloid scars8,9

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*versus no treatment