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Dermatix: The Science of Dermatix Acne Scar

How acne can be treated with the latest scientific breakthrough

What is acne and the different types of acne

Acne is a chronic, inflammatory disease of the glands in the skin that produces sebum. This then results in the formation of pimples that include inflamed elevations, comedones and later, scarring. There are various types of acne that affect the population, namely acne vulgaris, acne rosacea, acne cosmetica, acne fulminans, and acne mechanica. Commonly, these other types of acne can also be broken down into sub-acne such as whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts[2][3].

Typically offset during puberty, acne vulgaris is the most common disorder treated by dermatologists and other healthcare providers with a 99% of case prevalence[1]. New studies have shown the prevalence of acne in the adult population that is likely to persist into middle age, showing 12% in women and 3% in men with clinical facial acne[3].

Acne could also be caused by a variety of stressors such as the environment, general stress-levels and our diet. Some investigations have shown how our diet and appearance of acne is interrelated. One study listed a number of foods that could further aggravate the condition of acne vulgaris including milk, chocolate, high levels of omega-6 fatty acids[6][7]. A study concerning Malaysian patients in particular, showed a correlation between acne vulgaris and a high lactose and sugar consumption[8].

Implications of Acne

Both the inflammatory and post-inflammatory stages in acne could cause poor self-image and low self-confidence[4], especially in pubescent teenagers. In the report, Clinics in Dermatology, 30% of the patients had inflamed skin lesions that led to scarring. Acne scar appearance is typically described as a depression in the skin or dark spots[5].

What can we do to reduce acne and acne scars

The best way to control and reduce acne is to place ourselves in the best environment we can manage, being mindful of your food and mental health, and controlling stress levels as much as possible. Immediate action is the best recommendation any healthcare provider can give, because time is of the essence. This means it is best to treat acne scars right after they have healed[9]. While dermatologists and health professionals strongly discourage picking at your acne to reduce the possibility of scarring, there are times when an undisturbed acne may also result in scarring once it goes away.

But of course, there are also other ways to reduce the effects of acne scars. These options may include natural remedies, topical creams and surgical removal. Natural remedies may be the cheapest option, but there is rarely sufficient scientific evidence to back up the theories. Surgical treatments on the other hand tend to be on the more premium end of the spectrum, where many may not be able to afford. As for topical creams, there are a variety of choices when stepping into the pharmacy. So which one is the best option?

Why Choose Dermatix Acne Scar

In the formulation of the product, the guidance of dermatological experts and European technology was used. Dermatix Acne Scar is a silicone scar treatment gel made for Asian skin and it clinically proven to lighten hyperpigmentation, and dark spots while providing a moisturising and priming effect on the skin.

The revolutionary product has also been classified safe and effective for all skin types, without having to worry about irritation, redness or pain. The gel-based solution combines silicone, vitamin E, AHA, antioxidants, ActivGCS beauty enhancers and nicotinamide.

Don’t worry as no snails were harmed in the making of this product! The snail slime extract used by Dermatix Acne Scar is a synthetic, vegan version that was produced in a sterile lab. It is formulated with a combination of glycoprotein enzymes, hyaluronic acid and copper ions. This complex mix is beneficial in improving the appearance of acne scars by even out skin tone, deeply hydrating and smoothens skin, calms irritated skin and is easily absorbed.

Dermatix Acne Scar is also effective in improving old acne scars, not just with the help of the ActivGCS Beauty Enhancers. Aside from providing optimal hydration and lightening effects, the scar enhancement gel improves oily, blemished and acne prone skin conditions.

Wait no longer and improve your skin with Dermatix Acne Scar today!

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