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Conceal your acne scars and protect your skin

Everyone wants to look their best at all times. That is why people invest in good clothes, grooming products and expensive cosmetics. However, when a few acne marks crop up, those are enough to spoil the effort that was put in to perfect the look.

Though the temptation to cover up your acne scars can be strong, we still recommend avoiding makeup as much as possible, as covering up your acne scars with makeup may clog up your pores and cause an outbreak.

Instead, you should look towards a more long-term solution - treating your acne scars with a product like Dermatix® Acne Scar, a silicone gel-based therapy to lighten, soften and flatten the scar.1, 2, 3

However, if you really need to conceal your acne scars with makeup, be sure to take note of the following tips!

Makeup tips to cover your acne scars

Keep it clean4

Clean your makeup tools regularly to avoid build-up of oil, dust, dead skin, residual make-up and bacteria that can make acne worse.

Start with Dermatix® Acne Scar5

After cleansing your face, start by applying Dermatix® Acne Scar over your affected areas first. The silicone barrier formed by Dermatix® Acne Scar protects your scarred area from any bacteria that might be present on your makeup tools.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise6

Acne treatments may contain drying ingredients, so be sure to apply a little more moisturiser before putting on your foundation to keep your skin hydrated and prevent peeling.

Find makeup that contains dimethicone6

Dimethicone is an ingredient that conceals redness and smoothes out uneven skin.

Be picky about all your makeup6

Ensure that every makeup product - not just your foundation - is non-greasy, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and oil-free.

Don't lay on too much makeup6

Too much powder can give your blemishes more texture and may make them more visible.

After the event, make sure to thoroughly wash off all the makeup before you go to bed, as leaving makeup on overnight is a surefire way to trigger an outbreak.

And before you find yourself in the same situation again, you should consider treating your acne scars with Dermatix® Acne scar so your skin can be naturally clearer and smoother - you'll only need 4 weeks to see visible results7!

Lightens scars, marks and dark spots caused by acne
Smoothens, moisturizes and lightens skin
Innovative CPX silicone technology that dries quickly and gives a soft silky feel on skin
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