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Wear your scars with confidence

Everyone has scars: Big, small, old and new. Some people are more prone to scarring and may get it quite often. Even the smallest of wounds can lead to a scar that doesn’t go away for years. Do you find yourself holding back because you’re afraid of scarring? Keep reading to learn how to not let scars affect your confidence.

When you get a cut, the first thing to do is to stop the bleeding. Press down on the wound with a clean cloth or tissue, and if it is on your arm or leg, position the limb higher than your heart to reduce blood flow. If bleeding does not stop, you should immediately go to the hospital. You should also go to the hospital if the wound is deep or gaping open, has dirt or debris that won't come out, feels numb, is caused by an animal or human bite, or if you have not had a tetanus shot in the past five years.1

If your cut is minor enough to be treated at home by yourself, continue by cleaning the wound with a mild soap and water, taking care to rinse the soap out to prevent irritation. Once the wound is cleaned, apply an antibiotic ointment and wrap a bandage over it to prevent infection. Be sure to change your bandage daily until the wound closes.1

Once your wound closes, you should stop applying the antibiotic ointment as that is only useful for protecting open wounds, and it isn't a scar treatment. From this point forward, you should use a topical scar treatment product such as Dermatix® Ultra instead. When a scar is still fresh, your body is still actively working to repair your skin underneath, so this is when scar reduction treatments will be the most effective.

Dermatix® Ultra supports this repair process by using CPX Silicone technology to create a seal around your scar, preventing infection and stopping your body from over-producing collagen that can accumulate into a raised scar, while its Vitamin C Ester actively works to reduce discolouration in your scar tissue.2

To prevent the new scar tissue that's being formed from darkening, you need to protect it from direct sunlight.3 Before heading out or engaging in outdoor activities, be sure to apply sunscreen to guard against scar darkening.

So while you can't avoid the occasional accident during your favourite activities, with Dermatix® Ultra you can live confidently without worrying about scars!

Advanced scar formula
Lightens, softens, flattens scars
With Vitamin C Ester for enhanced lightening
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