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Manage Your C-Section Scar Through Post-Partum Massages

Massages have proven their merit as an effective treatment for reducing stress, muscle tension, and pain. Hence, massages are being used by people from all over the world to treat different kinds of issues – from digestive disorders to sports injuries.

Did you know that massaging your caesarean scar can help to accelerate the scar's recovery?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to massage your caesarean scar, layer by layer1:

Start from your skin

Step 1/5

Lightly stroke the areas above and below your caesarean scar up and down, and side to side. While doing this, try to feel for tissues that are resistant to your movement. If you find any, hold it in the direction that the tissues refuse to move in, until they release.

Step 2/5

Following this, massage the area around your scar with circular motions, going from one hip bone to hip bone.

Step 3/5

If your C-section scar is no longer tender, you can also place your fingers directly on your scar and move your fingers forwards and backwards to find which areas of your scar are resistant to movement, then focus your massage on those areas.

Step 4/5

After which, massage your scar as a whole by moving it from side to side and up and down.

Step 5/5

Lastly, pick up your scar with your fingertips and roll it to release the skin from the layer below it.

Continue by massaging your muscles

Step 1/2

Place your fingers directly on your C-section scar, and press down until you can feel the muscles below your fingertips.

Step 2/2

Make stroking motions up and down and side to side, holding in the directions where your muscles are resistant to your movement until it releases.

End off with a massage for your organs

Step 1/4

Bring your legs up, put your hands on your C-section scar and let your fingers sink in as deeply as they can.

Step 2/4

Perform the same up-and-down and side-to-side movements, holding in the directions where you feel more resistance until it releases.

Step 3/4

Cup your fingers and press down on the sides of your pubic bones, then push upwards to lift your organs, and hold it there.

Step 4/4

While holding that position, perform side-to-side stroking motions, focusing on the directions where you feel resistance.

Perform these massages for 5 minutes a day until you find that your scar is released and remains released, then reduce the frequency to once a week. Once your scar remains released between your weekly massages, then you can reduce it to once a month.

Besides releasing your C-section scar with regular massages, you should also complement your scar's healing process with a scar treatment product such as Dermatix® Ultra to aid with the fading of your caesarean scar!

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