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How can Dermatix help you manage your scars?

People don’t have to put up with scars anymore. Thankfully a range of scar treatment products are available in the market which work in a variety of ways. Over the years, Dermatix has proved its merit as an effective treatment for treating scars.

Every woman understands how important it is to know what you're putting on your skin - even more so when healing is involved. Are harsh chemicals involved? Will there be any side effects? Will my skin have any adverse reactions? How exactly does Dermatix® reduce scars?

Worry not, we're here to answer all your questions. Here's how Dermatix® works to lighten, soften and flatten scars!1,2,3

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As your body heals your skin after a wound, overproduction of collagen may be triggered due to an increase in water loss through the damaged skin.

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Left unmanaged, the excess collagen will accumulate over the wound site, creating a raised scar.

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When you treat your freshly-closed wound with Dermatix® , its Cyclopentasiloxane silicone polymers will form a protective barrier on the surface, to prevent excessive transepidermal water loss.4

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With the transepidermal water loss regulated, your body will no longer over-produce collagen as the scar heals, resulting in a flatter and softer scar.

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In addition, the Vitamin C Ester in Dermatix® will lighten hyperpigmentation, fading the scar.4


Dermatix® works by forming a physical barrier on the surface to aid your body's natural healing processes, so no corrosive or abrasive chemicals are involved. In fact, Dermatix® is safe to use even on babies5. On top of that, Dermatix's efficacy has also been proven time and again by studies conducted by independent researchers.2

manage acne scar
85%-86% success

in softening and diminishing hypertrophic and keloid scars3, 6

manage acne scars

Reduced scar height in

2-6 months1
manage acne scars
70%-84.2% of

experienced improvement in scar colour, pliability, height, itching, and pain/tenderness after silicone gel treatment.7

So you can rest easy and treat your scars with confidence. After all, as the saying goes, a woman's skin is her fortune!

Advanced scar formula
Lightens, softens, flattens scars
With Vitamin C Ester for enhanced lightening
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